My Magical Life
Keep on writing!

I made a committment to write every day until the moon is full. It is Day 2 and I have to stick with it! Last night we took all of the kids to a Halloween party at my Grandma Pfeiffer’s nursing home. The kids had a blast and came home with tons of candy. I dressed up in a Goddess gown and blue velvet cloak. It felt so good to be swirling around in that long that I am having a hard time not wearing it to work today! It occurred to me that I am most comfortable in Goddess clothing. Long dresses, shawls, capes, cloaks. It isn’t really the fashion these days. I think that I used to care what the fashion was, but no longer. My heart sings when my hair is long, my dress is long, and my neckline is low. I asked my guide Liza why I am so drawn to these types of clothing from another era. Here is her response:

"You have spent many lives dressed in such clothing. you are used to feeling more feminine. Beauty is a virtue that is not lost on you. You have been a romantic at heart for centuries. Your heart longs to visit England, that is a going home of sorts for you. The "Old Religion", healing, rites, ceremony, it is all a part of your soul. You have magic swirling around you all the time. You often do not pay enough attention to see it. This life has gotten stressful. Sometimes you forget who you are and buy into the illusion of death and loss. You give your power away to others because you forget how powerful you are. Tap into the lives in which you were powerful and complete. You have done this for so long."  


Glastonbury. Without a doubt!

You’re grounded!

Since I do energy and psychic work professionally, I get to see what is going on with people all over the country. It is neat, because then I can identify a trend in the energy that affecting people. This last week, so many of you have been feeling “off” somehow. This same feeling pops up in the collective from time to time. I call it “earthquake energy”. Every time people start feeling this way, we see a string of earthquakes. We have seen earthquakes in Turkey and California in the last few days. Now the pressure is off and we can get feeling better.

This happens because the energy of the earth starts feeling volatile before a quake. We ground through our root chakra to the earth. When the earth’s energy is off, we feel off. When you are not grounded you may feel spacey, anxious, off balance, unable to quiet your mind, just not like yourself. Here is a simple exercise to ground yourself:

Sit at the base of a tree in a quiet, peaceful area. Trees are ancient, wise plant spirits. Align your back to the trunk of the tree and place you palms on the ground. Start by asking the tree to help you connect to the earth, then picture running red tree roots out of your root chakra, mingling with the roots of the tree, deep into the earth. Attune yourself to the energy of the tree and the earth. Feel the deep pulse of the Mother moving up through you. Let the energy run clear through your crown, and then back down, creating a reciprocal cycle. Ask the tree to remove any old energy that no longer serves you. Focus on your breath for a little while, releasing old energy with every exhale. You are connected. You are at one with the energy of the earth. When you are ready, thank the tree for her service and go on about your day with balance and clarity.

May you all have a wonderful weekend full of magic and joy!

Finding the beauty

A few weeks ago, when my mom was dying, I promised a group of friends that I would find the beauty in every day. It has been much easier than you might expect. Since then, my incredible mom died. We have been through the viewing, funeral, aftermath, and made it through our first camping trip without her. The amazing experiences and magical moments have piled up from there. I will blog about all of them over time, but I really wanted to share something that my 8 year old daughter, Marianna, said last night. She is very intuitive and sensitive. I have been talking to her about looking for her grandma’s spirit and energy in all living things. She has been noticing the dragonflies, butterflies, and crows that her grandma has been sending to all of us this last 2 weeks. Last night we were at the State fair, petting the horses. Marianna ran up to me, squealing with excitement. “Mom! I can see a little bit of grandma in all of these horses. In fact, I said ‘Come here grandma’ to that one over there and she came right over and let me pet her!” What a darling thing to say. My kids and their wisdom keep me going.

Crow magic

Recently all of us girls took a trip to Denver. We were headed to a trade show for our business. This trip is always a lot of fun, lots of laughs. The morning of the trip, my mom and I, blurry eyed at 5:00 AM, drove into Idaho Falls to pick up Kara. A big black crow landed in the middle of the road in front of the car. I had to slow down and get over to avoid him as he scrutinized us. I told my mom, “Mark my words, crows are going to escort us all the way to Denver.” A few minutes later, we pulled into Kara’s driveway. Perched on her roof were whole flock of crows! They cawed at us as we loaded up luggage and stared us down as we drove away.

We were thrilled to have crows on our journey with us. Crows hold a lot of symbolism for us. Metaphysically speaking, crows are messengers and protectors. On a more personal note, my mom has had crows as a totem animal for years. After we picked up Kristi and Ronda, we were off on our grand adventure. We laughed and giggled until my mom, who was trying to sleep in the back seat, told us to knock it off so that she could sleep. As you can imagine, that only made us laugh harder. It was a flash back to high school!

Periodically we would catch a glimpse of our royal guard. Crows on sign posts, crows flying over head, crows cawing at us at rest stops. We were also being spied on by a bunch of little black birds, who were reporting to the crows, no doubt. A one point we headed down a hill into the beautiful Swan Valley. As we did so, I noticed black birds sitting on either side of the road, sitting on signposts. The were the perfect sentrys to allow our passage into the valley. As you can already imagine, crow did escort us all the way to Denver.

The first thing we did in Denver was attend a workshop taught by Dr Steven Farmer. He was lecturing on his new oracle cards, Earth Magic. Our group of 5 was joined by 3 other people. While I am sure that Steven was not thrilled with the small turnout, we were honored to spend 2 hours learning from him with so much one on one attention. The greatest part? Steven was wearing a shirt with a big black crow on it!

Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.
Your bliss is within your reach

For the last few weeks I have been noticing an interesting trend among many my friends and clients. They are frustrated with each other, angry, and hurt. It seems that emotions are running high and folks are feeling the full weight of it.

Yesterday one of my Facebook friends commented that she had high hopes for the day, but someone had said something to hurt her, therefore her entire day was ruined. In my optimism, pointed out that no one can hurt your feelings unless you let them. My comment further irritated her, and she responded with a curt response, “Well, I’m sorry. Not everyone can be perfect.” I realized a little too late that what she really wanted was someone to commiserate with her misery, and tell her that it was okay to react that way. The fact is, I love her too much to do that. I care about all of you too much to do that, so I am going to share with you my thoughts on this.

Simply, no one can hurt your feelings unless you let them! Sorry, but it is true! If someone’s mean comment ruins your entire day, then you are allowing yourself to feel that way. The truth is, people who are behaving that way have a lot more issues than you. Their actions are a result their own drama, their own fear, and their own unhappiness. When you can step back, refuse to take things personally, and see the bigger picture, suddenly, you have no need to get offended. You may even decide to feel a little bit of compassion for that person. That is great, but NO saving allowed. Gone are the days of always having to be responsible for other people’s happiness. Right now, you are only in charge of yours. After all, when you are happy and operating through love, other people with catch that bug. You don’t actually have to DO anything.

So, how do you operate through happiness and love? You just do. You make a conscious choice to be “that person”. I read an article on MSN the other day that claimed that happy people on Facebook make other people feel bad. I think that is rubbish. It is not “bad ass” to be dark and unhappy. It is ego. Truly happy people have simply decided to be happy, regardless of their immediate situation. I love this quote: “Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”-Ghandi. With that being said, you owe it to yourselves to surround yourself in people and circumstances that feel good. There is nothing wrong with weeding toxic people out of your lives.

Sure, the rain will fall in your lives from time to time. That is a part being human. We all have moments of anger, sadness, grief, etc. It is the way we react to that emotion that is the key. Can you emerge from it stronger, wiser, maybe even happier? Or will you allow it to destroy you, set you back, rob all other happiness from your life? The choice is yours.

Give yourself permission to be happier, love more, forgive more, and laugh more. It is the greatest act of love that you can give yourself. I am pulling for you! I know that you can do it, because I know that I can do it, and we are not that much different, you and I.

Today, I choose to live in my bliss, embrace happiness and spread joy. Join me!

Originally posted March 1st, 2011

Jesus as I know him

It is 3:53 in the morning on Christmas day, and I can’t sleep. I am not too excited or too buzzed on sugar. I just can’t settle in. I realized that maybe if I blog some of my feelings, sleep will finally grace me. Christmas is a weird holiday for me. I know that sounds strange to some, but it is true. Several years ago, my belief system change dramatically. For a time, I did not have a belief about Jesus. I just wasn’t sure. In fact, I wanted to throw the whole “Baby Jesus born from a Virgin mother” story completely out the window. I have kids, though. And kids really want their parents to celebrate Christmas! To make matters worse, in the work that I do, Jesus kept coming in. I kept getting words like “Christ Consciousness”, and hearing the psychics and healers that I revere the most talking about Jesus. I knew that I had to form a belief that I was comfortable with, and that was my truth.

I set out on a quest, reading books, meditating, and searching for the truth, as it is for me. This is what I came up with. Jesus is:

  • A master healer
  • A wonderful example of unconditional love
  • A teacher, who through his actions, proved that he was extremely special. He clearly understoon his divinity much better that most of us.
  • An anscended master who is gentle, easy to work with, and accessible to anyone who calls on him.
  • The most misunderstood and misused historical figure of the last 2 millenia.
  • Probably a lot more than my 4:00 AM brain can process right now.

He really did want peace, you know. Then, now. And he loved everybody. EVERYBODY. He would not have ever wanted mass wars and deaths in his name. He would be baffled by crazy laws like DADT. He knows very well that we are all born in perfect order, and that love is always the answer.

This year, my family has had to reach out to family, friends, and the community for help covering my dad’s medical costs. We have been constantly humbled and blessed by really generous people. In a little more than a month, we have raised a substantial amount of money. I can feel that “Christ Consciousness” in action. Our neighbors, family, and community mates, many of whom we have broken religious ties to, have overlooked our differences and come to our rescue. I truly honor them for that. I hope that I will have the wisdom to always do the same.

So, on this quiet morning, I wish you all a happy Christmas. I hope that you have had a year full of tender mercies and acts of sweet love. I have. I hope that you will carry that energy into the new year, and continue to do more, spread love, peace, and tolerance. I promise that I will. I hope that you will allow me to have my truth, as I know it. I urge to all to find your truth, and allow yourselves to be comfortable with it. And most of all, I bid you, “Peace on earth, goodwill to all.”

Originally posted December 25th, 2010

Angels all around me

I often call on Angels for assistance. I ask for help with protection, clarity, emotional issues, health, etc. The Archangel for protection is Archangel Michael. For a while now, everytime I ask for protection, Michael tells me, “Of course, but you need to know that you are fine. You have so much to accomplish, we are not going to let anyting happen to you!” Even my kids say that they love riding in my car because they know that I have a lot of Angels with me (as do they).
Yesterday I was driving down a slick snowy highway towards the Grand Teton Mountain range, when my truck lost control and started sliding sideways. I was prompted loudly in my ear to take my hands off of the wheel and my feet off of the pedals. I did, and the truck spun around in two full circles and dismounted gracefully into a snowbank facing the wrong direction. We were safe! I realized after we stopped that I had been chanting “Michael, Micheal, Michael” until the car came to a halt. Somehow I managed to keep focused, listen to my guidance system, and call on Archangel Micheal. Shortly thereafter, another Angel in a green Dodge stopped and pulled us out of the snow drift that we were buried in. After analyzing our tracks, onlookers agreed that it made no sense that the truck ended up where it did, but my passenger, Janet, and I knew why!
Later, I asked my Angels why it happened at all. The message was this, “You have so much to accomplish, and we need you to shed the last of your fear and get going. This was a reminder that you are always safe in our care.” What a wonderful message to me!

If you are not familiar with working with Angels, I strongly suggest that you learn more. Doreen Virtue is my favorite Angel communicator. She has many books, cds and cards on the subject. In the meantime, though, just know that we were all born with a built in guidance system. Angels are a part of that. Angels are almost always on your right side, so when you want to address them, turn to the right. Archangels are the superstars of the Angel realm, and have different strengths. Michael, obviously is about protection (among other things), Rafael is all about health, and so on.

I do a reading for my clients that leads them to a face to face meeting with their Angels and spirit guides. It is so exciting for my clients to learn their names, ask them questions, and find easier ways to connect. If you have been wondering how to connect, this would be a great reading for you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone. This year I am so grateful for my family, my amazing, constantly growing circle of friends, and, of course, my Angels!

Originally posted November 22, 2010